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Rocky Mountain Classic U15 AAA Hockey

Click on the year to check out the photos for sale from the Rocky Mountain Classic U15 AAA Hockey Tournament

Contact me directly for orders over 20

 Packages and Delivery Times

  With some sports photography services, images will be offered almost immediately during an event for sale. They will be uploaded to a computer where the customer can pick and select their images and have them delivered right away. The disadvantage to this system is there is no editing whatsoever. The images are shot in jpg format and you pretty much “get what you see”.    

   What we offer is a completely different, more customized product. After a large event, Shelly might have up to 10,000 or more images in one day. These are shot in RAW format. (Similar to what we used to have as “negatives”). Once the event is over, she will go over literally every single image to “cull” and sort, to select only the best images. She will then manually edit each and every photo, adjusting for crop, straightening, colour, exposure, and sharpness. Only then will we offer the final image to you, the client.   

   This is when the photos are then uploaded to the website for purchasing. See below for samples of before and after editing. The downside is this all takes time, but your final images will be worth it in the end. Please at least two weeks to be able to see every game's photos. These memories will last a lifetime, the wait is worth it.

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