Photography Tours

Join us on one of our extensive photography tours. Scroll through and contact us if you would like to reserve a space on one of our excursions. We are limited to only 6 photographers so save your spot early!

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Our Campbell River trip takes us to the East side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Here we go hiking, wine tasting, and the highlight of the tour is the two days where we have a private boat chartered to take us marine wildlife viewing and grizzly bears during the Fall salmon run.

We board with Adventure Quest Tours and Leigh takes us to find all the marine wildlife possible! We then stay one night at Nanook Lodge on Stuart Island to enjoy gourmet meals and peaceful tranquility with nature. The second day with Adventure Quest Tours takes us to Bute Inlet to Holmalco Wildlife & Cutural Tours to safely view grizzly bears during the salmon run.

Other activities include a suspension bridge and Elk Falls, wine tasting at 40 Knots Winery and exploring local beaches. All lodging and meals are included.

Our Spring Wildlife Workshop with Triple D Wildlife starts in Calgary, Alberta where we load up and drive down to Kalispell, Montana. Since we are driving, we are free to stop for photo ops whenever the need arises!

Once at Triple D, we settle in to a cozy log cabin with plenty of room for all of us. We then have 4 days of shooting various animals. The choices are extensive. We will be voting as a group as to which ones to choose once all spots are reserved. 

We do have "down time" in between shooting different species. We can use this time to view our photos or go explore Kalispell for more photo opportunities.

Our final day is spent driving back to Calgary with stops along the way.

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